Coach Activation / Registration

These are the steps required to be completed before anyone can be added to any roster.  Anyone not on the roster CANNOT PARTICIPATE ON THE ICE AT ALL, ON THE BENCH OR BE LISTED ON ANY GAME SHEET.  If there is participation PRIOR to being on the roster the Head Coach and the person ineligible may both be suspended indefinitely pending a hearing of Hockey Alberta as per regulation


2.2       Ineligible Players/Team Officials                                    Suspension


Team official who is party to or had knowledge of

playing a Player not properly registered with that team

or properly affiliated to that team and/or allowing a                    Indefinite

Team Official who is not properly registered to that

team to participate on the bench.


Team official who is party to or had knowledge of

playing a player or allows a Team Official to                               Indefinite

participate on the bench who is under suspension.



Step 1


All Coaches and On Ice Helpers & Managers must complete or verify they have the Respect in Sport Coach / Activity leader course



Step 2

All Coaches and On Ice Helpers & Managers must register in HCR to activate their records for the current playing season - if the record is not found then contact the Registrar (; via email with full name and birth date so the record can be transferred to Lethbridge.

Log in like you do to register your kids if you do not have kids playing you will probably have to create an account

At the top beside HOME there is REGISTER PARTICIPANT click that

Enter your information click REGISTER

Your record will pop up at the bottom (if it doesn’t email me)

Beside that record is a REGISTER NOW - click that

Follow the steps from there


It is a standard database primarily used for minor aged players so it does require that you input Parental / Contact Information - TWICE  (Every required Field has an * beside it so fill in the box)


For Question #2 you must check your answer and then type it in the box beside it.


Upon successful registration / activation you will be emailed a receipt - If you are being told you are still not activated for the season email that receipt to and the Registrar will get the problem fixed with the database administrators




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